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March 14, 2009
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To Shape a World by Nemo-the-Everbeing To Shape a World by Nemo-the-Everbeing
This was more or less a costume exercise based on the notion that formal ceremonial wear tends to be a simplification of older more commonly worn garments. That led me to take the Gallifreyan robes worn in "Doctor Who" and elaborate them in three variations. From left to right there is Omega (whose costume I adapted from the Peter Davison episode featuring him), Rassilon (the most literal elaboration of the formal robes, along with the various accouterments seen in "The Deadly Assassin"), and Morbius (pretty much ran with the idea he was a military leader and went from there). The faces are all based on busts of Roman emperors. Points if you can figure out who. This was done with ink and marker and then retouched in Photoshop.
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Because the Other is mostly a Virgin New Adventures thing (I know he was originally part of the Cartmel Masterplan, but never actually made the cut), I wanted to go with strictly onscreen figures.  So Morbius was in, and poor old Other was out.
Wait, so it isn't "the Other"?
i thoguht morbius was a renegade :p
He was, but I have to image that, to amass the amount of damage potential he did he had to have been in a position of considerable power before he turned renegade.
The only flaw I can see in this is that Morbius was not part of the founding Triumvirate of Gallifrey... other than
This wasn't so much a "founding fathers" as Gallifreyans we've met who had major impacts on the planet's history, and Gallifreyans old enough to wear elaborate archaic robes.
onegemini Mar 20, 2009  Professional General Artist
Very nice costume study, and great to see someone interpret those characters "way back when", so to speak.
Othermother! This is WICKED!

Funny you used Roman emperors, 'cos there's a Japanese/Chinese vibe here.

Going for the obvious, Rassilon is Augustus Caesar, and Morbius is Constantine. No idea about Omega. He's looking a bit bemused, as if the politics had gotten over his head, like Tiberius. Or maybe he's Claudius. Like I said, no clue.

Y'know, I was thinking of doing these three, now you blew my plans outa Gallifrey's orbit. :D
Daaaw. Thanks.

As for your guesses, kudos on Rassilon. The other two were harder. A lot harder. Morbius wasn't Constantine, but was in fact based on a bust of Caligula, and Omega was easily the hardest. Domitian isn't one of those emperors you hear about every day, probably because his father (Vespasian) was more successful and his older brother (Titus) was better liked before Domitian killed him and ran the empire into the ground.
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